What You Need To Know About Public Liability Insurance

Insurance is essential because it helps to protect businesses against potentially considerable financial losses. It can also help companies to continue operating after an incident has occurred. So, what is public liability insurance? This type of insurance protects businesses against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage. This can include claims from customers, suppliers, or members of the public. This type of insurance does not cover claims from employees or shareholders. [Read More]

Reasons To Hire A Business Insurance Broker

When taking business insurance, most people are often conflicted over whether they should apply for the cover individually or engage the services of an insurance broker. The truth is, a business insurance broker brings in their industry expertise as you take the cover. Below are a few reasons why you should hire a broker.  Choosing An Insurer There are hundreds of insurance companies in Australia. Since they all operate under the confines of the law, it would be difficult for you to conduct a comparative analysis of the various products offered by these companies. [Read More]

Top Tips When Taking Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance compensates third parties that suffer injuries on your business premises. Third parties could be customers, passers-by, suppliers, or visitors. Employees and business owners are not considered as third parties. Although public liability insurance is not compulsory, it can help you avoid expensive personal injury suits. This guide discusses some considerations you should make when choosing a public liability insurance cover.   Choosing An Insurance Provider As a rule, you should work with reputable companies when taking the public liability cover. [Read More]

What Level of Insurance Do You Need If You're Going to Open a Restaurant?

The average Australian is a very sociable individual and even though there is a trend towards home delivery, there will always be a demand for gathering places, bars, restaurants and cafes. As an entrepreneur, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity and may be thinking about opening a restaurant of your own. There's a lot to consider, of course, but you'll want to get an adequate level of protection and will need to get the right type of restaurant and cafe insurance. [Read More]